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Get Ready For An Unbeatable Sake & Sando Pairing

If you’re a fan of Japanese sandos and smooth glasses of sake, then you’ll be a fan of our Sake & Sando nights at Zoku Restaurant & The Terrace.

Available only Sunday nights from 6-9pm, indulge in an unbeatable Sake & Sando pairing and spice up the last day of your week! For only HK$368, you can choose a snack to help whet the palate from options like the Pork Belly Taco with panca miso and and onion salad on a corn tortilla, the Fuji Roll with spicy salmon and unagi sauce, or the Wagyu Dumpling with foie gras, soy vinegar and scallions. Then choose your start of the night – a choice between 4 different Sake & Sando combos.

Combo 1 features the Tori Sando & Tsukino Katsura Junmai Ginjo, a chicken thigh sando with yellow chili sauce paired with a smooth and soft sake. Combo 2 features the Cheese Sando & Tamagawa Junmai Yahamai ‘3U’, a raclette cheese sando with ponzu and truffle paired with a sake giving notes of butterscotch brittle and communion wafer. Combo 3 features the Katsu Sando & Noto ’88’ Muroko Nama Genshu, a pork belly sando with panca miso and Sriracha paired with a sake giving notes of umami, subtle bitterness and beautifully coats the palate. Finally, combo 4 features the Angus Beef Sando & Okura Tokubetsu Junmai Yamahai, an Angus beef sando with chili garlic sauce and ponzu egg yolk paired with a sake giving notes of apple cider and caramelised nuts.

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