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As set out in the section headed “Your legal responsibility” below, we will look to you to take responsibility for, and to compensate us in the event that we incur and kind of cost or liability as a result of taking any of the actions referred to above.

Intellectual Property

The contents of this website are the property of Harilela Hotels (UK) Ltd (or third parties from whom we have an appropriate licence), and are protected by laws governing intellectual property rights generally, including trademarks, and copyright. No person my reproduce, modify, distribute, transmit, publish, or display anything which appears on this website without our prior written consent.

We consent to you viewing, retrieving, displaying and printing the contents of this website for your own, personal, non-commercial use, in connection with; viewing the information contained in this website, making a reservation, or making an order. All or any other use requires our express written consent.

Availability of the website and our service through the website

Although we will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that this website (and its normal contents) are available to be viewed and used by you at all times. There may be circumstances in which this is not the case. These include non-availability for maintenance and upgrading, and also events of force majeure ie, events which are outside our reasonable control.

It is also possible that, from time to time, faults, omissions, and delays may occur in the service provided by this website and/or any products or services referred on it. There is no guarantee that the service provided on this website will meet all of your requirements, or will be fault free at all times. If you experience a problem, please report it to us at We will do all we reasonably can to remedy any fault that occurs as soon as reasonably possible.

Contents of the website

We make no guarantee that the contents of this website, or any goods or services referred to on it, comply with local laws outside England and Wales. If you are accessing this website from outside the UK it is entirely your responsibility to ensure that your doing so complies with local laws.

The Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to packaged rates. Packaged rates include; (a) hotel rooms sold as part of a travel package, where the hotel does not provide the extra service. Extra services include but are not limited to hotel rooms plus airfares, car rental or cruises, and (b) hotel rooms sold with value added amenities, including, but not limited to, free breakfast and hotel parking.

Best Rate Guarantee

The Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to unpublished rates (rates that are not publicly available). Such as the following which are not available to the general public:

  • Group rates
  • Corporate discount rates
  • Event and meeting delegate rates
  • Any closed rates requiring membership in a club or program or other organisation where the rates are targeted toward a specific group
  • Direct mail offers
  • Electronic mail offers
  • Promotional Campaigns with rates quoted by a code

The Best Rate Guarantee does not apply to any rates from opaque providers. An opaque provider is any provider that prevents the buyer from identifying the hotel until after the buyer has made a reservation and guaranteed payment. A site is opaque if it does not divulge the name of the hotel, the precise location of the hotel,  or other specific information which could enable identification of the hotel i.e. hotel photographs, name of the restaurant etc

Prices and charging

All prices referred to on this website are given in good faith, but are subject to final confirmation on booking. Where any goods or services have been mis-priced by mistake on this website, we are entitled to rectify that mistake without compensation at the time of booking.

All products and services are subject to VAT where applicable.

Methods of Payment

Methods of payment accepted: all Visa and MasterCard’s as well as Diners/ Discover, JCB, AMEX.

Credit Card security: All our payment transactions are conducted through the secure payment services of Elavon Payment Gateway. With security and service at the heart of the business, Elavon Payment Gateway ensures that the transaction process is a safe and secure one.

Security for our Customers: Any communication between you and Elavon Payment Gateway is also encrypted to the maximum strength supported by your browser. You are also protected from fraudulent use of their card in a “card not present” environment, by your card issuer. Your card issuer provides the right for you to dispute a transaction if the goods do not arrive or if the card was used fraudulently, in line with your card issuer T&C’s.

The Hari cancellation policy

Rooms may be cancelled up to 3pm the day prior to arrival. This policy excludes rooms booked on the advanced purchased non- refundable/non changeable rate plan.


If you purchase goods through this website, you can cancel your order at any time, prior to usage, up to seven days after purchase. If you wish to cancel any purchase, please contact us on +44 207 858 0110, and (where appropriate) please return the goods to The Hari, 20 Chesham Place, London SW1X 8HQ.

To the extent that any goods delivered to you need to be returned, this will be your responsibility to arrange and must be done at your expense. In order for the full cost of purchase to be refunded, returned goods must be delivered in the condition, and packaged, as you received them.

Emergency contact

If you need to contact us for any reason, please do so by calling the Hotel directly: + 44 207 858 0100.

Your legal responsibility

You will be legally responsible and accountable for all your acts or omissions in connection with this website, and for all and any costs or losses that we may sustain as a result of any such act or omission by you.

In the event that you use this website in a way that is not authorised, or is in breach of these Terms and Conditions, or if you access it from outside the United Kingdom and by doing so breach any local law or regulation, you will indemnify us and hold us harmless against any cost, claim, or liability that we may incur as a result of you so doing.

Limitation on our liability

In the event that we breach these Terms and Conditions, our liability to you will be strictly limited, and will extend only to any loss that flows directly from our breach and which is a clearly foreseeable consequence (at the time the breach occurred) of the relevant breach. Such losses will never include matters related to a trade or business, such as business interruption or loss of profit.

This limitation does not affect our liability in negligence in relation to personal injury or death.

Your rights

Your rights under these Terms and Conditions are personal to you, and may not be transferred to any person.

Our rights

Our rights under these Terms and Conditions are an integral part of our business, and may be transferred by us to any reasonable and appropriate transferee as long as your rights under these Terms and Conditions are not adversely affected.

Governing law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by English Law. You submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts in relation to them, and no action or proceedings in relation to them shall be commenced outside the United Kingdom.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a way that web servers communicate with web browsers, allowing web servers to collect information from web browsers.

Most websites use cookies to improve the user experience; for example, cookies will ‘remember’ you, which will help on future visits, and they let you navigate between pages (without the need to login each time), and they store preferences. Cookies can also use your location and browsing habits to help us to offer a more targeted response to you. By doing these things, cookies help to make the website faster and easier to use.

There are two types of Cookies; “persistent” and “session”. “Persistent” cookies will be stored by a web browser and will remain valid until either its set expiry date, or until the user deletes it. “Session” cookies expire at the end of the user’s session when the web browser is closed. We use both persistent & session cookies on this website.

To find out more about cookies generally, go to

How does this website use cookies?

We use cookies on this website to do 2 things:

First, we use them to monitor activity on and use of the website generally. This helps us to ensure that the website is as user-friendly and helpful as it can be.

Secondly, we use them to store information about your specific activity on the website, eg, to preserve information as you order, and to maintain information on such matters as your order history, etc.

Additionally we use Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager to analyse the use of this website. Google Analytics generates statistical informational relating to the website by means of cookies which are stored on users’ computers. Google’s privacy policy is available at:
From time to time we also use Hotjar to analyse use of the website. This also provides statistical information on the use of the website & cookie use; further information can be found at

Disabling cookies

Most browsers make it possible for you to disable cookies. Information on how to do this is normally available on the ‘help’ menu. You should be aware however that if you switch cookies off, this will have a negative impact on your use of this website. [It will also mean that you are unable to make purchases on the website, as disabling cookies will prevent us from storing the information we need to process purchases].

Our cookie policy

It is important to note that, by using this website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies as described in this Policy.


The Hari commitment to protecting your policy

Because we consider you an important guest of The Hari, our first priority is to offer you stay that makes you want to come back for more. Your complete satisfaction and confidence in The Hari, as well as your privacy is absolutely essential to us.

Personal data

“Personal data” means any information collected and logged in a format that allows you to be identified personally, either directly (e.g. name) or indirectly (e.g. telephone number) as a person.

We may collect personal data about you at any point at which you interact with us, for example: through this website, over the phone, in person or via social media. This includes whenever you order a product or service offered on this website, or when making a reservation. Information about you is also collected and stored automatically whenever you access or use this website (please see our Cookie Policy in this regard).

The information we might collect may include: information relating to a stay with us or any purchase you may make, your personal characteristics, your passport number, travel history, payment information, your guest preferences, and groups with whom you may be associated.

We gather this information to assist us in providing the best service we reasonably can to you, and to all our customers and guests.

You are entitled to have access to the personal data held about you. If you would like to see a copy of the personal data held by us please email us at

Use of personal data

We collect your personal data for the purposes of:

  1. Meeting our obligations to our customers.
  2. Managing the reservation of rooms and accommodation requests: Creation and storage of legal documents in compliance with accounting standards.
  3. Improving our hotel service, especially: processing your personal data in our customer marketing program in order to carry out marketing operations and gain a better understanding of your requirements and wishes, adapting our products and services to better meet your requirements, customising commercial offers and the promotional messages we send to you, informing you of special offers and any new services at The Hari.
  4. Managing our relationship with customers before, during and after your stay: segmentation operations based on reservation history and customer travel preferences with a view to sending targeted communications, predicting and anticipating future behaviours, knowing and managing the preferences of new or repeat customers, sending newsletters, promotions, hotel or service offers, managing requests to unsubscribe from newsletters, promotions and satisfaction surveys, taking into account the right to object.
  5. Securing and enhancing your use of The Hari website, especially: improving navigation, Implementing security and fraud prevention.
  6. Conforming to local legislation (for example, storing of accounting documents).

Protection of data

  1. When collecting and processing your personal data, we will communicate all information to you and inform you of the purpose and recipients of the data.
  2. We will collect and process your personal data only for the purposes described in this policy.
  3. We will only collect personal data that is necessary for data processing. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the personal data we hold is accurate and up to date.
  4. We will hold your personal data for the period necessary for processing in compliance with the provisions of the law.
  5. You may access, modify, correct or delete your personal data. You may also oppose the use of your personal data, particularly to avoid receiving sales and marketing information. Please contact
  6. We will ensure reasonable technical and organisational measures are in place to protect your personal data against alteration or accidental or unlawful loss, or unauthorised use, disclosure or access.
  7. We may share your personal data with third parties for payment processing, email services and other services essential to the running of the business (such as commercial partners and/or service providers) for the purposes set out in this policy. We will take appropriate measures to guarantee security when sharing or transferring such data.

Third party access to your data

To guarantee you the right of access and amendment, we have to share your personal data with internal and external recipients subject to the following conditions:

  1. In order to offer you the best service, we can share your personal data and give access to authorised personnel from The Hari, including:
  • Hotel staff
  • Reservation staff using The Hari reservation tools
  • IT departments
  • Commercial partners and marketing services such as an email service provider
  • Medical services if applicable
  • Legal services if applicable
  1. With service providers and partners: your personal data may be sent to a third party for the purposes of supplying you with required services and improving your stay, for example:
  2. External service providers: IT sub-contractors, banks, credit card issuers, external lawyers, dispatchers, printers.

We would not use your personal information to enable contact to be made with you by a third party.

International transmission of data

We may transfer your personal data to internal or external recipients who may be in countries offering different levels of personal data protection. The Hari employs appropriate measures to ensure secure transfer of your personal data to an external recipient located in a country offering a different level of privacy from that proposed in the country where the personal data is collected. The Hari is not responsible for any breach of law outside the United Kingdom that might occur as a result of the storage or use of data in the manner described above.


We would like to send you information about products and services of The Hari which may be of interest to you. If you have consented to receive marketing, you may opt out at a later date. You have a right at any time to stop us from contacting you for marketing purposes. If you no longer wish to be contacted for marketing purposes, please email or click the unsubscribe link at the footer of any of our marketing emails.

Storage of data

We’ll hold on to your information for as long as you have a booking with us, and for as long as is necessary to provide support-related reporting, or accounting purposes. We’ll also hold on to your information if reasonably necessary and we may also keep hold of some of your information as required, even if it is no longer needed to provide the services to you.

Access and modification

You have the right to access your personal data collected by The Hari and to modify it subject to applicable legal provisions.

For the purposes of confidentiality and personal data protection, we will need to identify you in order to respond to your request. If your personal data is inaccurate, incomplete or not up to date, please send the appropriate amendments to All requests will receive a response as swiftly as possible and in accordance with applicable law.



It’s not always easy to find pet-friendly hotels in London, but at The Hari we are delighted to welcome your furry friends and look forward to spoiling them as much as our human guests.

Our pet policy

To keep pets and guests happy, the following guidelines have been put in place:

  • Pets should always be kept on a leash or in a carrier in public areas
  • Pets must be supervised at all times
  • Pets are welcome in The Hari Bar and Garden Terrace
  • Pets are not allowed in The Hari’s restaurant, il Pampero
  • Parents should pick up any “deposits” left by their pets
  • Please make every effort to keep your pets from barking indoors
  • Large dogs are welcome to stay by prior arrangement only. Please notify the hotel (preferably at time of booking) when travelling with your pet
  • Guide dogs are, of course, welcome throughout the hotel

For more information please contact