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Art Cocktails At The Hari Bar

Here at The Hari, we are far from ordinary…

Our team have designed not one, not two, but eight imaginative Art Cocktails, inspired by artists and their phenomenal pieces of art work. The cocktails can be enjoyed in The Hari Bar, or on our beautiful Garden Terrace, both ideal for a social tipple (or two).

Have a glimpse of our cocktails below and marvel at the unique craftsmanship of our incredibly talented bartender, Giuseppe Abbracciante.

Inspired by 'Girl with Balloon' by Banksy Up, up and away

Pop the ‘balloon’ of this Banksy inspired cocktail.

Created using gin-infused hibiscus, mixed with the sweetest of cherry herring, and the tartness of cranberry reduction. The cocktail is then finished off with 2 drops of orange bitter, and garnished with a bubble of smoke, on top of a coaster picturing the iconic ‘Girl with Balloon’ mural.

Inspired by 'Birth of Venus' by Botticelli The Goddess

Experience life as a Goddess!

This delicious cocktail combines grappa cocchi moscato, with maraschino liqueur, creme de violette and half a lemon. A splash of rose water is then added for that all important floral taste, before being placed in a shell coaster and decorated with a mix of herbs and flowers.

Inspired by 'La corde sensible' by Magritte Cloud 9

Be on cloud nine with our ‘La corde sensible’ inspired cocktail.

Saint Germain is blended with blue spiralina powder, the sourness of half a lemon and the sweetest of sugar, before being topped up with Champagne. Cotton candy is then placed on top as a garnish to represent the cloud in Magritte’s beautiful oil painting.

Inspire by 'Campbells Tomato Soup' by Andy Warhol Studio 54

A creative twist on the celebrated Bloody Mary cocktail.

Combining vodka-infused rosemary with tomato and carrot juice, half a lemon and 2 drops of Tabasco. The cocktail is then finished with a sprinkling of celery salt and soya sauce, before being garnished with rosemary and set alight right before your eyes.

Inspired by 'Starry Night' by Vincent Van Goph Stargazer

Gaze at the stars with our beautiful Stargazer cocktail.

Created using Ketel One vodka, mixed with the sweetness of cherry brandy and sugar, the sourness of half a lemon and the armoatic taste of lychee syrup. Served in a cup and saucer pictured with Van Goph’s iconic Starry Night painting, and garnished with a Cherry.

Inspired by Jackson Pollock Make a Splash

Embrace your creativity with this fun Jackson Pollock inspired cocktail.

Plantation rum is blended with cranberry reduction, creme de banana and lime juice, before adding amaretto and egg white. The glass and coaster is then splashed with edible paint to recreate Jackson Pollock’s unique artwork.

Inspired by Frida Kahlo Casa Azul

Experience a taste of Mexico, with this Frida Kahlo inspired cocktail.

Casa Azul is created with tequila, mixed with mezcal, aloe vera, a drizzle of honey, and a handful of smashed berries. The rim of the glass is then garnished with strawberry powder, before being placed in bird cage decorated with colourful flowers.

Inspired by Winston Churchill The British Bulldog

Step into the shoe’s of Winston Churchill with our Churchill inspired cocktail.

Glenmorangie is combined with angostura and smoked wood to release flavours of spice with hints of clove and cinnamon as well as sugar to sweeten the taste buds. This incredible cocktail is then placed on a slate, underneath a smoked bell jar, decorated with an edible chocolate cigar.

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