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Art Vinyl Returns to The Hari

We are delighted to once again, have Art Vinyl display an incredible collection of record cover artwork in our window, ahead of their Best Art Vinyl Award for 2023.

The finalists were announced at a VIP awards event, selected amongst a diverse and striking shortlist of 50 nominations. Chosen by a panel of illustrious artists, designers and music industry experts, the winner will have their design featured in numerous exhibitions in the UK and across Europe. 

So, make sure to pop by and see the exhibition in person! In the meantime, take a dive into the archives below for previous displays at The Hari.

Best Art Vinyl 2022

The public vote awarded first place to Simon Monk for Black Country, New Road’s album ‘Ants From Up There’. This is just one image from a series of still life paintings inhabiting two worlds at once – one being an every-day reality and one filled with fantasy and imagination. The album artwork brought the ‘plastic bag paintings’ to a new audience and, for the artist, started as a solution to the problem of how to make a still life oil painting in the 21st century, without it being old fashioned, whilst demonstrating how a painting can dignify a cheap or otherwise insignificant object.

The artwork by Bart Balboa for Birds In Row’s album ‘Gris Klein’ received second place, and in third place was illustrator Jason Joyce for Jake Blanchard for Richard Dawson’s album ‘The Ruby Cord‘.

Winners & Nominees

Best Art Vinyl 2021

The public vote awarded first place to Brighton Artist Paul Phillips for his work on Villagers’ fifth studio album cover for Fever Dreams. The artwork sees a figure floating in a swimming pool, a Doe sleeping peacefully beside the pool, star light and dreams bouncing off the water, whilst seemingly growing from the surrounding trees, a giant sleeping bear hovers over the scene.

The artwork pipped Pop Legends, Duran Duran’s cover for their 15th studio album, Future Past, which in second place blends and brightens a pair of originally black and white images by Japanese photographer Daisuke Yokota.

In third place was photographer Jason Joyce for his stunning and entirely un-touched final capture of the Singing Ringing Tree sculpture in Burnley for the English hard rock band Thunder’s thirteenth studio album All The Right Noises.

Winners & Nominees

Best Art Vinyl 2018

As voted for by the public, the winning artwork ‘Violence’ shows nude, intertwined bodies in a photographic take on baroque art of yore. The sleeve comes designed and photographed by visual collaborator Rahi Rezvari, who has a history depicting movement through visuals, producing imagery and campaigns for the Netherlands Dance Theatre.

The second place for Best Art Vinyl 2018 went to designer Tom Hingston’s wacko artwork for Young Fathers’ ‘Cocoa Sugar’, whilst third place went to Aphex Twin’s ‘Collapse’, a reality-warping sleeve from design legends The Designer’s Republic.

Winners & Nominees

Best Art Vinyl 2016

The Last Shadow Puppet’s ‘Everything You’ve Come to Expect’ has been announced as the best vinyl artwork of 2016, as voted for by the public.

Everything You’ve Come to Expect was designed by Matthew Cooper, and features a colourised portrait of Tina Turner from 1969 taken by Jack Robinson. Jonathan Barnbrook’s iconic ‘Blackstar’ sleeve and Jonathan Zawada’s photo landscapes for Mark Pritchard’s ‘Under the Sun’ came in second and third place respectively.

Winners & Nominees

Best Art Vinyl 2015

For Best Art Vinyl 2015 it was David Gilmour’s ‘Rattle That Lock’ album taking first place, Drenge’s ‘Undertow’ coming second, and Tame Impala’s ‘Currents’ in third place.

Best Art Vinyl founder Andrew Heeps explains, “This is the first year such an established artist’s record has won Best Art Vinyl, but notably the design team have historically been responsible for so many iconic sleeve designs and their talent and creativity to match the musicians’ wishes clearly shone through.

Winners & Nominees

Art Vinyl Valentine's Special

In February 2018, we collaborated with Art Vinyl once again, to create a fabulous new display for Valentine’s Day. They curated  24 vinyl covers of couples kissing to celebrate love in all it’s glory.

Highlights in the exhibition include Sparks ‘When I Kiss You’, The Teenagers ‘Reality Check’ and Yargo ‘Body Beat’ to name a few.

See below for a full list of all Art Vinyl inspiring exhibitions!

Art Vinyl

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