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Self-Care Sundays at The Hari

Self-care is simple; it’s about knowing what’s good for you and using that information to nourish and tend to your physical and mental health. For some, Sundays are filled with anxieties about the week ahead, but here at The Hari, Sundays are the perfect time to relax, recharge and look after number one.

Whether relaxing means taking a bubble bath, exercising, or diving into a good book, below are just six ways you can practice self-care during your stay at The Hari.

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Breakfast in Bed

Start the day right, with breakfast in bed.

Try not to set an alarm and let your body tell you when you’re ready to wake up. Sundays are known as ‘the day of rest’ for a reason, so use this time to catch up on some much-needed sleep.

When you’re ready, order your favourite foods from our room service menu and eat to your heart’s content. We’ll serve your breakfast however you wish, so if you want to stay tucked up in your duvet, don’t let us stop you!

📷: @millykr

A Relaxing Bubble Bath

Who doesn’t love a good bubble bath?

Take some time to bathe with our Noble Isle bathroom amenities, and let your body truly relax. Natural, vegan, and inspired by the rich cultural heritage of the British Isles, you can lather yourself with body wash, guilt-free.

And what’s more, our bathrooms offer breath-taking views of London, so put some relaxing music on, sink into the warm water, and watch the world go by.

📷: @frankierozwadowska

A Trip to the Spa

Belgravia is filled with establishments dedicated to pampering and beauty, ranging from the luxurious Errol Douglas MBE hairdressing salon to Teresa Tarmey‘s world-class skincare clinic.

Whether you’re in need of a blowdry, a mani/pedi or a luxurious facial, it is essential that you take care of your body. We can even book you an appointment with preferential rates as friends of The Hari, so there’s no reason not to!

📷: @erroldouglasldn

Read a Book

We have a beautiful library in our very own Hari Bar, filled to the brim with wonderful books.

We encourage you to take one, find a quite corner to sit in, and treat yourself to a dose of escapism. Besides, reading is renowned for improving memory, reducing stress and building self-esteem, so it’s ideal for your self-care Sunday routine!

📷: @im_eleonora

Release those Endorphins

Doing some light exercise is not only good for you physically, but works wonders on your mental health. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins which in turn, triggers positivity.

At The Hari, we have a 24-hour fitness center, featuring a state-of-the-art Peloton bike. So, whether you choose to do a gentle ride, or join one of the on-demand classes, you can release all that physical tension you’ve been holding onto.

Enjoy a Glass

Many of us enjoy a glass of wine or Champagne after a long week or a tough day, but rarely do we take the time to take in the aromas, feel the consistencies and enjoy the flavours.

When consumed in moderation, it can be a great way to relax, socialise, and round up your day of self-care.

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