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That's a wrap on the 2023 Hari Art Prize A superb evening enjoyed by all...

Yet another Hari Art Prize has come to an end this year, and what a fabulous evening it was!

We all enjoyed a night to remember with the announcement of the 2023 finalists, the exquisite accompaniment of delicious canapés, flowing Ruinart Champagne and the 20 shortlisted pieces of remarkable artwork.

With over 1000 applicants this year, choosing the finalists was no easy feat, but nonetheless, the esteemed judges were able to come to a conclusion…


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KIALY TIHNGANG The winner is...

In a unanimous decision made by all seven judges, Glasgow-based multidisciplinary artist and visual activist, Kialy Tihngang, was identified as stand-out winner from all the applications received. 

Her piece of art, ‘UNTITLED (LEAN SIX SIGMA), 2023’ displays a beautiful fusion of both sculpture and textiles, while simultaneously drawing upon LGBTQ & e-commerce issues of our day. Moreover, her broader collection, ‘Lean Six Sigma’ celebrates opulence as a means of Black resistance and Black joy, flickering with formative memories of her Cameroonian immigrant aunties and uncles’ glamorously decorated homes.



Runner Up Bo Sun

Discovering a love for sculpture after attending Parsons School of Design in New York, Bo Sun’s work reconstructs biomorphic forms from industrial materials – a process which emphasises insect exoskeletons and patterns within industrial design. His sculptural practice is unique and innovative, conveying the tensions of a post-humanist era. The judges agreed he has a promising career going forward.

Runner Up J.G Fox

Joseph Fox is a self-taught artist, with a background in graphic design. His work mainly involves twists on classical architectural drawings – some being totally original, and some being modified from more classical works. He has been praised for the concept behind his work and the strength of execution which provided a poignant and playful commentary on philosophical and political themes in contemporary society, specifically through the guise of eighteenth century Italian architectural etchings. Joseph’s artistic potential is inspired.



We would like to express our immense gratitude to all of those who made The Hari Art Prize 2023 possible. From the help and dedication of A Space For Art and the esteemed judging panel, to all of those who attended the awards event, and helped to cheer on the incredible artists.

We hope that everyone had a wonderful evening, and that The Hari can continue to aid and inspire a new generation of emerging artists.

Watch this space for 2024…

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