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Zoku Restaurant Bar Snack Menu


Available everyday from 3:00pm to 10:30pm


Edamame (V / GF)

Maldon Salt / Spicy



Crisp Garden Vegetable Chips (V)

Taro, Sweet Potato, Lotus Root, Red Bell Pepper Dip



French Fries (Regular / Truffle) (V)

Maldon Salt / Parmesan, Chives, Black Truffle

$68 / $88


Crab Causa (2 pcs)

Snow Crab, Tobiko, Togarashi, Potato, Lime



Wagyu Tartare (2 pcs)

Quail Egg, Crispy Rice



Uni & Tuna Toast (2 pcs)

Sea Urchin, Tuna Tartare, Ikura



Fresh Seasonal Oysters

3pcs / Half Dozen

$158 / $278


Caviar Tart

Japanese Egg Yolk, Ossetra



※ Vegetarian (V)

※ Non Dairy (ND)

※ Subject To 10% Service Charge

※All fish & seafood on the menu are sourced and carefully selected from different prefectures and countries not subjected to any restriction

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