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Zoku Restaurant Bar Snack Menu


Available everyday from 3:00pm to 10:30pm\


Edamame (V/GF)

Maldon Salt / Spicy


Homemade Chips Basket (V)

Taro, Sweet Potato, Lotus Root, Red Bell Pepper Dip


French Fries (Regular / Truffle) (V)

Maldon Salt / Parmesan, Chives, Black Truffle


Caviar Bump

8g Oscietra Caviar


Unagi Onigiri (2 pcs)

Yamagata Rice, Unagi, Tare


Mackerel Causa (2 pcs)

Cured Mackerel, Wasabi, Potato, Shiso


Wagyu Tartare (2 pcs)

Quail Egg, Crispy Rice


Cheese Sando (V)

Raclette Cheese, Black Truffle


Sea Urchin & Tuna Caviar Toast (2 pcs)

Sea Urchin, Tuna Tartare, Oscietra Caviar


Seasonal Oysters

3pcs / Half Dozen

$168/ $328



※ Vegetarian (V)

※ Non Dairy (ND)

※ Subject To 10% Service Charge

※All fish & seafood on the menu are sourced and carefully selected from different prefectures and countries not subjected to any restriction

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