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The Hari Chronicles A series of conversations about art, design, culture in Hong Kong

The Hari Chronicles Presents Ben Brown Fine Arts and Yoan Capote, a renowned Cuban artist showing at Art Basel Hong Kong 2024

The Hari Chronicles

The Hari Hong Kong is delighted to launch The Hari Chronicles, a series of conversations about art, design, culture and Hong Kong, which will take place throughout the year at The Hari’s Lounge and invite global thought leaders to discuss a wide-range of topics.


The inaugural edition of The Hari Chronicles will be held on Thursday 28 March, in partnership with Ben Brown Fine Arts, and will present a conversation with world-renowned Cuban artist Yoan Capote, who is visiting to showcase his work at Art Basel Hong Kong 2024.


During this intimate conversation, Yoan will talk about his artistic inspiration, the work he is exhibiting at Art Basel, as well as a thorough explanation of his piece Nostagia (2013), which will be displayed in the lobby of The Hari until March 2025.


Aron Harilela, the owner of The Hari adds: “We are so thrilled to launch The Hari Chronicles and host thought leaders in the arts and culture. Our first conversation with Yoan will be an exciting first hand view at an artists’ work, and his experience here in Hong Kong and at Art Basel. We are delighted to have showcased Yoan’s art in our lobby, and to have seen the reaction of our guests to it throughout Art Month.”


This artwork represents Capote’s luggage after travelling from Havana to New York: the interior space of his suitcase, as an allegory of a window, is closed off with the bricks of Manhattan. It is a piece that embodies, in a poetic manner, the situation of travelling and immigration. The baggage is always the object that contains our memories and more important things when we are travelling. The brick wall and its weight create a metaphor about the impossibility of returning and the barriers we carry in life.


Yoan explains: “Every Cuban artist asks himself whether to stay or go; Nostalgia signifies this agonising dilemma. The bricks represent the weightiness of the decision, as well as the heavy baggage one takes if one chooses to leave.”

Ben Brown Fine Arts

Ben Brown Fine Arts is proud to present an installation by Cuban artist Yoan Capote as part of the Encounters section at Art Basel Hong Kong 2024. A monumental 4-panel painting comprised of thousands of fishhooks and thickly impastoed oil, Isla (Vorágine) 2023-24, is juxtaposed with Endless Sea (Requiem) 2021, a floor piece of sinuous waves carved in smooth granite, creating a sublime immersive seascape that comments on the paradoxical seduction and peril of migration.

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