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Welcome to The Hari, a stylish retreat and your luxury home in Hong Kong. Fostering a deeper appreciation for the neighbouring areas of Causeway Bay
and Wan Chai,  The Hari is the best way to get acquainted with the city and for discerning travellers who want more than to scratch the surface of Hong Kong.

Moments away from the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre and Happy Valley Racecourse, The Hari is the neighbourhood’s living room, bridging the commercial pulse of Causeway Bay and the creative design scenes of Wan Chai.

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Our Rooms

Imagined by renowned interior designer, Tara Bernerd of Tara Bernerd & Partners, The Hari’s 210 luxury bedrooms, include three suites featuring timber panelling, natural linen wallpaper and plush velvet upholstery. Antique brass Crittal doors separate the marble bathrooms from the hotel rooms and suites with views overlooking Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, The Peak and Victoria Harbour.

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Eat & Drink

From our convivial The Lounge, to our vibrant, show-stopping Japanese restaurant Zoku, the adjacent al fresco hotspot The Terrace, and Lucciola, our authentic Italian ristorante, The Hari houses a variety of sociable spaces for dining, drinking and relaxing amongst the hustle and bustle of Wan Chai.

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Meetings & Events

Offering a range of options to suit every meeting at The Hari, each one can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Throughout the hotel’s spaces, we also have a number of options to host your perfect private or social event in Hong Kong.

Speak to our team to find out how we can make your next meeting or event an unprecedented success.

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Our Luxury Hotel Room Balcony in Hong Kong
Zoku Weekend Brunch
Zoku Restaurant & Terrace – Outdoor Terrace
The Baker & The Bottleman
Zoku_Discovery Zoku Tasting Menu_2-min
Valentine’s Day 2024
Hotel Entrance
Hotel Entrance
Hotel Entrance
Christmas Lucciola
The Hari Christmas Hamper
The Awards Ceremory_1
New Year’s Eve Celebrations
The Hari Art Prize | The Hari Hong Kong
The Hari_Afternoon_Tea_1
Father's Day Dining 2023 at The Hari
Our Signature Tiramisu
Lucciola Lobster Spaghetti
Festive Dinner at Lucciola | The Hari Hong Kong
The Hari Art Prize | The Hari Hong Kong
sake sando
Lucciola Lobster Spaghetti
Hang Lung Partnership 3
A Feast from South Kyushu & Okinawa | The Hari Hong Kong
Art at The Hari Hong Kong


Hong Kong, a city that pulses with energy and dynamism, is renowned for its breathtaking skyline and vibrant street life. Within this urban tapestry, The Hari emerges as a pinnacle of luxury and refinement, particularly for those in pursuit of luxury hotels with balconies in Hong Kong. Boasting an impressive selection of rooms and suites, each featuring balconies that offer spectacular views, The Hari delivers an experience that is both unparalleled and unforgettable. This exploration will delve into the myriad benefits and enchanting aspects of opting for a hotel with a balcony in this electrifying metropolis. Unmatched Views of the Skyline The balconies at The Hari provide guests with an exclusive vantage point to absorb the awe-inspiring vistas of Hong Kong. From the luxurious Premium Corner Room to the opulent Hari Suite, each outdoor space serves as your window to one of the globe’s most magnificent skylines. Envision starting your day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee as you witness the city stir to life, or basking in the glow of a golden sunset that drapes the sky in a palette of spectacular colors. A Private Oasis in the Heart of the City Amid the city’s ceaseless energy, The Hari’s is a Hong Kong hotel with private balconies that offer a tranquil haven. The Chesham Suite, distinguished by its sumptuous velvet furnishings and luxurious marble bathroom, features a balcony that provides a peaceful enclave for relaxation. This setting is impeccably suited for a romantic evening, earning it acclaim as one of the most romantic hotel balconies in Hong Kong. Breathtaking Panoramic Views The rarity of panoramic balconies for a Hong Kong hotel is one of the benefits that sets The Hari apart, offering an exclusive amenity that enhances the overall stay. The Library Suite and Hari Suite are adorned with terraces that command views of the bustling city that transform these balconies from mere features into integral components of an unforgettable luxury experience. Luxurious Amenities at Your Fingertips At The Hari, the Hong Kong hotel balcony amenities are meticulously curated to enhance your experience. Revel in the hotel’s bespoke scent wafting through the air, sink into plush seating, and enjoy the convenience of a private bar in select suites. These thoughtful touches transform your balcony into a luxurious retreat, where relaxation and sophistication meet. An Award-Winning Experience The Hari’s balconies have garnered recognition for their award-winning hotel balconies in Hong Kong, providing an experience that transcends the conventional. The meticulous attention to detail, from the chic design of the outdoor furniture to the curated selection of flora and decorative elements, showcases The Hari’s dedication to delivering an experience marked by luxury and distinction. Booking Your Balcony View Room For those eager to book a hotel with a balcony in Hong Kong, The Hari simplifies the process with its user-friendly reservation system. Whether you’re planning an enchanting romantic escape or a serene solo journey, the hotel’s website offers comprehensive descriptions and visuals of each balcony-adorned room and suite, facilitating the selection of your ideal Hong Kong luxury stay’s best balcony choice. How about starting your morning with a rejuvenating yoga session as the city below awakens, or indulging in an intimate dining experience beneath the starlit sky? The Hari’s balconies are thoughtfully designed to accommodate every mood and preference, establishing them as the ultimate balcony rooms in Hong Kong hotels. Conclusion The Hari transcends the ordinary, offering luxury hotels with balconies in Hong Kong that serve as gateways to an experience defined by intimacy, luxury, and indelible memories. From the secluded sanctuaries of exclusive Hong Kong hotel room balconies to the expansive views that span the harbor, every element of your stay is crafted to exceed expectations. Secure your reservation at The Hari and immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury hotel balconies in Hong Kong.


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