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Sustainability at The Hari Environmental & Sustainability Policy

The Hari is committed to achieving environmental and social sustainability within the hotel and are working towards giving guests an energy conscious and environmental-friendly stay.

Our Green Team is looking at broadening environmental awareness within the business, working with colleagues on CSR activities and increasing involvement in the local community.

We also recognise that business practices have an impact on both the community and the environment. Therefore, we are proud to be a member of the NOW Force for Good Alliance and Future Green to reduce our carbon footprint and help communicate our efforts to travellers who are conscious of sustainable accommodation and hotel experiences.

We are proud to be a LEED (Silver), BEAM Plus (Silver) and BEEO certified hotel and is being recognized for our sustainable design, construction and energy efficiency performance.


Sustainability Policy

Collaborations & Partnerships SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS

Clean Water & Sanitation NORDAQ

Partner Activity: Founded in 2005, NORDAQ harnesses patented technology to provide premium yet sustainable end-to-end water solutions, by filtering, bottling and capping local water, to eliminate costly, unnecessary and lengthy production, transportation and disposal.

Our Contribution: The Hari Hong Kong believes that by working with NORDAQ, we can eliminate single-use plastic and transportation of glass bottles from one part of the world to another. Hence, we stock NORDAQ water throughout the hotel. Bottles are filled, capped, sealed and date-labelled at the hotel which resulted in over 230,000 plastic bottles (500ml) eliminated in 2023.

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Good Health & Well-being In-Room Amenities

Partner Activity: La Bottega redefines conscious luxury for today’s travellers and hotel guests, and committed to reduce the amount of plastic used in the world by not introducing new plastic into the environment and promoting alternative materials.

Our Contribution: The Hari is proud not to have any single-use plastic in our rooms. We partner with La Bottega to offer bathroom amenities with The Hari’s signature scent in bespoke refillable dispensers.

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Climate Action ORCA

Partner Activity: ORCA is an innovative food waste solution that simply mimics a natural digestion process using the same principles that our body and other living organisms to digest food waste into a liquid.

Our Contribution: Food waste at The Hari Hong Kong is turned into an environmentally safe liquid captured or repurposed by wastewater treatment plants. This process significantly reduces the harmful emissions from the traditional truck and bin collection process.

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Responsible Consumption and Production COFFEE GROUNDS

Partner Activity: Eco-Greenergy is an environmental social enterprise founded in 2014. Being the first coffee grounds recycling movement in Hong Kong, Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign covers recycling, upcycling, experimental workshops to charitable donation. Recycled coffee grounds are processed in the locally founded factory in Hong Kong, namely “Coffee Base“.

Our Contribution: The Hari Hong Kong supports Eco-Greenergy sustainability programme. Coffee grounds throughout the hotel are collected to transform into valuable items.

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Good Health & Well Being St. James’ Settlement

Partner Activity: St. James’ Settlement is a multi-social service agency which provides high quality comprehensive services to meet the diverse needs of our society, to enable the individuals to help themselves and to help others, and to build an integrated and harmonious community.

Our Contribution: The Hari Hong Kong takes great pride in our ongoing collaboration with St. James’ Settlement through various initiatives such as rice packing programme for low-income families, to and engaging Hakka dumpling workshop, to foster cultural appreciation and build connections with the local community.

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Good Health & Well-being Mental Wellness

Partner Activity:  OCD & Anxiety Support HK is charity dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with mental health problems. Their mission is to raise awareness, offer assistance, and create a support community for those affected by these conditions. Through educational programmes, support groups, and access to professional resources, they empower individuals and promotes resilience in managing their mental health challenges.

Our Contribution: The Hari Hong Kong supports the Green Ribbon Campaign to raise awareness of mental health and eliminate stigma in Hong Kong. By wearing a green ribbon pin on World Mental Health Day and throughout the month of October, we show our support to individuals affected by mental illness and we are committed to mental wellbeing of our employees at work.

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