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In the competitive world of luxury hotels in Hong Kong, few names are as revered as Hari Harilela. His influence spans across the realms of business and philanthropy, fundamentally shaping elegant hospitality in the city.

The Hari, an iconic art hotel in Hong Kong, serves as a vibrant testament to his vision, seamlessly blending high art with luxury travel in the bustling heart of this metropolitan city.

Early Life of Hari Harilela

Born in the lively markets of Hyderabad, India, Hari Harilela’s journey saw a pivotal shift when his family resettled in Hong Kong. Facing new challenges, his resilience and entrepreneurial spirit were kindled, setting the foundation for the future of the Harilela family in the realms of Hong Kong boutique hotels and beyond.

Business Beginnings and Diversification

Starting from modest beginnings in tailoring, Hari Harilela displayed a keen business acumen, eventually expanding into a diverse portfolio including real estate and hospitality. His foresight led to pioneering high-end accommodations in Hong Kong, driven by his unwavering commitment to excellence.

The Founding of The Hari Hong Kong

Designed to epitomise luxury hotel amenities, The Hari encapsulates Harilela’s vision of supreme luxury and impeccable service. This exclusive hotel in Wan Chai features sophisticated Hong Kong hotel suites and offers a distinct culinary journey at its restaurants—The Terrace, Zoku, and Lucciola—each reflecting the city’s rich luxury dining in Hong Kong culture.

Expansion and International Presence

The expansion of The Hari to London highlights its broad appeal and ability to embody the local essence while maintaining luxurious standards, making it a leader among premier hotel locations in Hong Kong and beyond.

The Legacy of Hari Harilela in Modern Hospitality

Central to The Hari’s ethos is Hari Harilela’s legacy of excellence, which continues to mould its identity and elevate the standards of the luxury hotel industry in Hong Kong.

His dedication to quality and innovation ensures The Hari remains a pinnacle of Hong Kong cultural hotels.

Philanthropy and Community Engagement

Hari Harilela’s legacy is also palpable in his commitment to philanthropy, integral to The Hari’s corporate ethos. At The Hari, we take our social responsibility seriously, champions educational and community welfare initiatives, furthering a legacy of compassion and empowerment.

Reflecting on Hari Harilela’s profound influence from his visionary inception to his lasting legacy, it is evident his spirit perpetually shapes the hospitality industry.

The Hari stands as a beacon of excellence and a sanctuary where luxury meets legacy in Hong Kong. We invite you to discover the artistic and luxurious ambiance of The Hari, experiencing firsthand the legacy of Hari Harilela, which continues to illuminate the future of modern hospitality.

Join us in celebrating a legacy that endures as a beacon of inspirational hospitality.


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