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Nestled in the vibrant heart of Wan Chai, The Hari Hong Kong exemplifies how luxury and sustainability can harmoniously blend, redefining eco-luxury accommodations.

As a beacon of sustainable tourism and one of the leading eco-friendly hotels in Asia, The Hari is committed to innovative green hotel practices across all aspects of its operations, from its guest rooms to its dining experiences at Lucciola and Zoku.

Here’s a closer look at how The Hari is achieving its sustainability goals.

No Single Use Plastic

The Hari has diligently eliminated single-use plastics, setting a new standard for eco-resorts. In our guest bathrooms, you’ll find The Hari’s signature scent in refillable pump action bottles, a testament to our commitment to zero-waste hotels.

Our toothbrushes are crafted from sustainable bamboo, with each element thoughtfully selected to reduce our environmental footprint while enhancing the guest experience in our Suites, Twin Rooms, Corner Rooms, Premium Corner Rooms, and Family Rooms.


Sustainable Certifications

Proudly bearing LEED Silver and BEAM Plus Silver certifications, The Hari is recognized not just for its aesthetic but also for its sustainable construction and energy-efficient hotels framework.

This green certification for hotels underscores our dedication to sustainable hotel brands and reflects our deep commitment to environmentally friendly accommodations.



Clean Water & Sanitation

In partnership with NORDAQ, The Hari has innovated in providing clean water solutions that underscore our green travel options.

By bottling water directly on-site, which is then sealed and date-labelled, we have eliminated the need for over 230,000 plastic bottles in 2023 alone, making us a pioneer in sustainable lodging practices.



Innovative Food Waste Solution

Our commitment extends into our culinary practices at Lucciola and Zoku. Utilizing ORCA, an innovative food waste technology, The Hari transforms food waste into an environmentally safe liquid.

This process not only significantly reduces emissions but also supports our vision of a sustainable future, ensuring that our Italian and Japanese dining experiences are both exceptional and eco-conscious.

Responsible Consumption and Production

The Hari engages in responsible consumption by transforming coffee grounds into farm compost through local recycling initiatives.

This practice not only enriches local agriculture but also supports Eco-Greenergy Zero Grounds Coffee Campaign, demonstrating how sustainable hotel brands can play a crucial role in community and environmental wellness.

Sustainable Innovations

Looking ahead, The Hari is excited to introduce wooden key cards in November 2023. These cards are made from materials sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests, promoting renewable energy hotels.

This initiative is part of our broader commitment to eco-friendly hotel amenities and sustainable design, paving the way for future innovations.

At The Hari Hong Kong, every detail, from the sophisticated décor in our rooms to the gourmet dishes at Lucciola and Zuko, is infused with our core principle of sustainability.

We invite you to experience the harmony of luxury and sustainability, where every stay makes a positive impact. Join us in our journey toward a greener future, where your stay at The Hari isn’t just a visit—it’s a contribution to a more sustainable planet.

Ready to experience the pinnacle of sustainable luxury travel? Book your stay at The Hari Hong Kong, and indulge in the eco-conscious travel lifestyle that only we can offer. Whether for business or leisure, allow us to make your visit extraordinary and environmentally responsible.


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