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Zoku Restaurant Festive Brunch Menu

Menu available during:

Lunch on 24 & 25 December 2023


$688 per Person

$888 per Person + 90 Minutes Free Flow

$1,088 per Person + 90 Minutes Free Flow Cocktails & Champagne




Moriwase Sashimi Platter

Selection of Premium Seasonal Fish & Seafood

Fresh Seasonal Oyster (Add $198 for Half Dozen)

Lime, Ponzu

Caviar Bump (Add $88)

Ossetra Caviar





Shrimps Tempura, Kagoshima Pork Belly, Cream Cheese & Avocado Roll

Agedashi Tofu (V)

Daikon, Tentsuyu

Zoku Nigiris (Add $98)

Salmon, Wagyu, Tuna & Foie Gras




Crab Potato Salad

Snow Crab, Yellow Potato, Crispy Sushi Rice

Sakana Karage Pan

Crispy-Fried Seabass, Tarutaru Sauce, Onion Salad

Maitake Tako (V)

Grilled Maitake, Batayaki Sauce


MAINS (Choose One)


Teriyaki Spring Chicken

Broccolini, Sesame, Lime

Kakuni Rice

Braised Pork Belly, Egg Yolk, Sesame Seeds

Misozuke Salmon

Honey Bean, Miso

U.S. Prime Beef Ribeye

Baked Sweet Potato, Kobocha, Yellow Chili Sauce

Truffle Yuki Soba

Wild Mushroom Dashi, Egg Yolk, Negi

Lobster Tsukumen  (Add $98)

Okinawa Noodle, Spicy Soup

A5 Miyazaki Wagyu (Add $188)

Yuzu Kosho, Maldon Salt




Hojicha Crème Brûlée

Mochi Cake

Strawberry & Pistachio Tart

Matcha Cake

Salted Caramel Sando


※ Vegetarian (V)

※ Non dairy (ND)

※ Menus are subject to change due to seasonality and product availability

※All fish & seafood on the menu are sourced and carefully selected from different prefectures and countries not subjected to any restriction

※ Subject to 10% service charge

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