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Zoku Restaurant Sake & Sando

Available every day from 3:00pm to 8:00pm


Caramel Sando & Kuraumazaka Negoro

(Rice polishing ratio 50% – Alcohol 16.5%) 120ml

Fruity, grassy notes on the nose; On the palate, its silky texture is enchanted by a pleasant touch of acidity balanced by the creamy swetness of the Caramel Ice-Cream Sando



Kyoto Tofu Sando & Okura Tokubetsu (V)

(Rice polishing ratio 70% – Alcohol 17%) 120ml

Mild scent that transparently conveys the faint freshness and the nuances of koji. Fresh on the palate, it offers a rounded taste with a slightly sweet, plump, and pear flavor. Well match with the Tofu from Kyoto prefecture Dry and rich



Pork Belly Sando & Yamagata Masamune

(Rice polishing ratio 66% – Alcohol 18%) 120ml

Enjoy the potent, complex flavours centered on the core of acidity and umami, pair well with the Kurobuta pork’s rich fat tenderness



Cheese Sando & Gassan Houjun

(Rice polishing ratio 70% – Alcohol 15%) 120ml

Dry and rich flavor made from only water, koji, and rice with a finish that embrace the cheese on the palate



Uni Yaki Tamago Sando & Hiokizakura Gouriki

(Rice polishing ratio 70% – Alcohol 15%) 120ml

Rich, with a powerful umami flavor and a hint of acidity, this sake has a beautiful yellowish hue and a well-balanced umami taste that will perfectly pair with the salted-sweetness of the sea urchin



※Subject to 10% service charge

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