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Zoku Restaurant Sake & Sando Menu

Served Daily 6-8pm


$368 per combo


SNACKS (Choose one)


Wasabi Tofu
Wasabi emulsion, avocado cream, chives

Fuji Roll
Spicy salmon, unagi sauce

Pork Belly Taco
Panca miso, corn tortilla, onion salad

Nikkei BBQ Ribs (+$88)
Slow-cooked rib, japanese bbq sauce

Wagyu Dumpling (+$58)
Foie gras, soy vinegar, scallions


SANDO (Choose one)


Tori Sando & Tsukino Katsura Junmai Ginjo
Chicken thigh, yellow chili sauce
Sake notes: Smooth & soft

Cheese Sando & Tamagawa Junmai Yahamai ‘3U’
Raclette cheese, ponzu, truffle
Sake notes: Oxidative, butterscotch brittle, communion wafer

Katsu Sando & Noto ’88’ Muroko Nama Genshu (+$88)
Pork belly, panca miso, Sriracha
Sake notes: Umami, coats the palate, subtle bitterness

Angus Beef Sando & Okura Tokubetsu Junmai Yamahai (+$108)
Chili garlic sauce, ponzu egg yolk
Sake notes: Coats the palate, apple cider, caramelised nuts



※ Subject to 10% service charge

※ 90ml sake per pouring

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