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Nestled in the vibrant heart of Wan Chai, the Lucciola Restaurant at The Hari offers an exceptional Italian dining experience.

As one of the best Italian restaurants in Wan Chai, we are proud to be recognized by our sophisticated atmosphere and unwavering commitment to authentic Italian cuisine.

From the ambiance to the menu, every detail at Lucciola is curated to transport diners straight to Italy, offering a luxury Italian dining experience that is both luxurious and genuine.

Gourmet Italian Brunch Menu

Each weekend, Lucciola delights its guests with the “Pranzo Italiano” brunch, a lavish spread celebrating the best Italian dishes in Hong Kong.

Begin your meal with an array of appetisers, including freshly shucked oysters and a selection of antipasti such as La Burrata Pugliese and Black Mussels with Parsley and Garlic.

The brunch concludes with a tempting array of desserts from the Italian dessert trolley, featuring signature Tiramisu and Homemade Gelato Fior di Latte.

Enhance this experience with a 2-hour free-flow package that includes Champagne, fine wines from the Italian wine selection in Wan Chai, and classic Italian cocktails, ensuring every meal is as festive as it is flavoursome.

A Deep Dive into Lucciola’s Signature Dishes

Delve deeper into our menu as we spotlight Lucciola’s celebrated signature dishes, each telling its own story of traditional Italian recipes and the artistry of our chefs.

Here’s a taste of what makes our dishes stand out:

  • Apulian Burrata with Vesuvian Tomato Datterino, Basil Leaf and Extra Virgin Olive Oil: A beloved favourite at The Lucciola, this exquisite dish showcases a luxurious blend of mozzarella and cream, epitomising Southern Italy’s artisanal cheese-making traditions with a rich, indulgent core known as stracciatella.
  • Wagyu Beef Carpaccio, Hari Sauce, Castelmagno, Arugula: Savour the remarkable texture and deep flavour of hand-chopped, raw Italian beef, subtly enhanced with refined seasonings, making this dish a sophisticated selection at this fine dining Italian restaurant in Wan Chai.
  • Linguine Pasta, Sea Urchin & Organic Egg, Wild Fennel Leaf: Explore the vibrant contrasts of Italy with this popular dish at The Lucciola, where linguine pasta is the foundation for a luscious Carbonara made with Sea Urchin and Organic Egg.
  • Pesto Genovese, Baby Spinach & Datterini, Mozzarella, Gorgonzola & Mascarpone, Green Pea, Roast Pine Nuts: Indulge in this opulent lasagna, a favourite at The Lucciola, meticulously prepared with lasagna known for its superb absorption and creamy consistency, infused with aromatic pesto genovese and mozzarella.

A Deep Dive into Lucciola’s Signature Dishes

  • Handmade Spaghetti Pasta with Lobster Tail, Sicilian Red Prawn Sauce, Lemon and Basil: This illustrious dish features handmade spaghetti, paired magnificently with succulent lobster and enhanced by a vibrant splash of lemon zest, making it a celebrated Italian seafood specialty in Hong Kong.
  • 36 Egg Yolk Homemade Tagliatelle, 36 Months Aged Grana Padano Cheese, Alpine Butter, Seasonal Black Truffle: This visually striking dish pairs homemade tagliatelle pasta with grana padano cheese, alpine butter, and seasonal black truffle, adding a subtle complexity and vibrant colour to this elegant Italian restaurant in Hong Kong.
  • Roasted Scallop, Jerusalem Artichoke, Smoked Herring Caviar: Experience the roaster scallop and smoky flavours of the Herring Caviar, generously seasoned and grilled to perfection, a fiery favourite for those seeking a romantic Italian dining experience in Hong Kong.
  • Breaded and Pan-Fried Milk-Fed Veal Cutlet on the Bone with Rosemary Roast Potatoes, Green Leaf Salad and Tartar Fennel Sauce: Celebrated as a signature offering at The Lucciola, this dish features a large, thinly pounded veal chop, breaded and fried to achieve a golden, crispy exterior while maintaining a tender, juicy interior.
  • Mediterranean Sea Bream in Salt Crust with Rosemary Roast Potatoes, Green Leaf Salad: Relish the subtle, refined flavours of sea bream from Orbetello, encased in a thick salt crust that locks in moisture and enhances its delicate taste, offering a sophisticated dish that is highly regarded at The Lucciola.

Each dish at Lucciola is a testament to the creativity and passion of our chefs, who use only the finest ingredients to craft an authentic Italian culinary journey.

We invite you to join us at Lucciola Restaurant & Bar for a dining experience that celebrates the rich, culinary heritage of Italy with every bite.

Booking Lucciola Restaurant for special occasions such as birthday, anniversary or corporate event. It is an excellent choice to celebrate these special moments with an unforgettable dining experience.

Treat your loved ones to a sumptuous Italian feast in the sophisticated ambiance of The Hari, where each dish is a masterpiece of flavour and tradition, ensuring a memorable celebration for everyone.


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