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Zoku Restaurant A La Carte Menu



Oysters and Ikura (3 pcs)
Salmon roe, sea urchin, nikkei ponzu

Toro Tartare
Rice crackers, ponzu, oscietra caviar

Tuna & Caviar Tradito
Yellow chili sauce, onion, coriander

Wagyu Beef Tataki
A5 Miyazaki wagyu, fried onions, sudachi ponzu

Yellowtail Ceviche
Hamachi, mozuku seaweed, tomatoes

Tomato Salad (V)

Marinated cherry tomatoes, avocado, cucumber mixed greens, tenkasu


ZOKU NIGIRIS (2pcs/order)


Wagyu, quail egg, ponzu

Foie gras, tuna, shiso, unagi sauce

Scallop, uni, tobiko, crispy sushi rice

Seared salmon, truffle




Toro, uni, caviar


King crab, tobiko, ponzu


Tuna, avocado, cucumber


Grilled maitake, avocado, miso (V)





Wagyu, avocado, fried fish, chili sauce


Hamachi, avocado, fried shrimp, yuzu emulsion


Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, chili emulsion


Soft shell crab, tobiko, avocado, cucumber


Asparagus, cream cheese, avocado, chimichurri, tare (V)





Miyazaki wagyu


Angus beef


Kagoshima pork belly




Chicken thigh







Assorted Tempura

3 pieces shrimp, 1 piece white fish, 5 pieces assorted vegetables



Wagyu, chili garlic sauce


Pork belly, panca miso, sriracha


Raclette cheese, ponzu, black truffle (V)


Hokkaido Scallop (2 pcs)

Seared scallop, yellow chili, corn tortilla


Wagyu Dumpling
Foie gras, soy vinegar, chili oil, scallion

Wasabi Tempura

Tiger prawn tempura, wasabi emulsion, avocado cream


Tofu tempura, wasabi emulsion, avocado cream (V)


Kagoshima Taco (2 pcs)

Slow-cooked pork belly, avocado cream, crispy corn tortilla


Agedashi Tofu (V)

Deep-fried tofu, daikon, tentsuyu


Edamame (V) (GF)
Maldon salt / spicy



SUSHI & SASHIMI (2pcs/Order)


Hotate / Scallop


Akami / Blue Fin Tuna Loin


Hamachi / Yellowtail


Hirame / Flounder


Sake / Salmon


Nigiri Moriawase

Chef’s Selection 10 pcs


Sashimi Moriwase

Chef’s Selection 10 pcs


Sushi & Sashimi Platter

8 pcs Sashimi and 6 pcs Nigiri & Salmon Roll





Oscietra Caviar (10g)

Toro / Blue Fin Tuna belly

Uni / Sea Urchin

Amaebi / Sweet Shrimp

Ikura / Salmon Roe


Premium Nigiri Moriawase

Chef’s Selection 12 pcs


Premium Sashimi Moriwase

Chef’s Selection 12 pcs


Premium Sushi & Sashimi Platter

10 pcs Sashimi, 6 pcs Nigiri, 10g caviar & Wagyu Roll





BBQ Ribs (500g)

Slow-cooked ribs, Japanese BBQ sauce


Wagyu Steak (100g)

Seared foie gras, ponzu onion, spicy miso, yuzu koshō


Guindara Misoyaki

Miso-marinated seabass, sunflower seeds, myoga salad


Salmon Tail Teriyaki (400g)

White sesame, spring onion


Baby Chicken (450g)

Teriyaki sauce, white sesame


Hamachi Collar & Ponzu

Grilled / Deep-fried

$ 208




Tomahawk Steak
Seasonal grilled vegetables, shiso chimichurri, spicy miso




Uni Yakimeshi
Hokkaido sea urchin, fried rice, octopus, ginger pickles

Lobster Soba
Okinawa squid ink soba, spicy prawn, miso soup, egg yolk

Tofu Katsu (V)
Deep-fried tofu, shimeji curry sauce, Yamagata rice




Grilled Broccolini

Egg Fried Rice

Wasabi purée

Steamed rice





ZOKU Dessert Platter (for sharing)
Chef’s selections

Molten Green Tea Cake
Chocolate ice cream

Mochi Cake with Coconut Sorbet
Miso caramel, coconut tuille

Black Sesame Brulee

Blue berries, tofu ice cream, crispy sesame tuille


Salted Caramel Sando

Chocolate cookies, coffee gel



※ Vegetarian (V)

※ Gluten Free (GF)

※ Subject to 10% service charge

※All fish & seafood on the menu are sourced and carefully selected from different prefectures and countries not subjected to any restriction

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