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Zoku Restaurant THIS IS HOW WE ROLL...

Served every Wednesday 17:00-20:00


$368 per person for 2-hour freeflow of makimonos and martinis




Zoku Roll (V)
Cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, chimichurri, tare

Ebi furai, avocado, yuzu emulsion, togarashi

Tobiko, ponzu emulsion

Shrimp Tempura
Chilli emulsion, avocado, cucumber

A5 Wagyu (+$38)
Sakana furai, avocado, chili sauce

Soft Shell Crab Tempura (+$38)
Cucumber, avocado, tobiko




Vodka Dirty

Dry Gin

Sake 50/fifty

Sochu Fruit




Asahi Beer

Gris De Koshu White Wine (+$38)

Kinobi Gin & Tonic (+$88)

Chita Whisky Highball (+$88)


※ Subject to 10% service charge

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