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As the fragrant harbour city readies itself for the annual culinary spectacle, the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival 2024 promises an enthralling celebration of gourmet delights and exquisite wines. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Victoria Harbour, this festival has grown into a hallmark event that entices food enthusiasts and wine connoisseurs from around the globe.

Here’s what to expect from the festival, with a special focus on Italian and Japanese culinary artistry!

Introduction to the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival

The Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival, a cornerstone event celebrating the city’s culinary excellence and rich wine culture, is scheduled to unfold in the cool autumn breezes of October each year.

What began as a modest gathering of local restaurateurs and vintners has blossomed into an international phenomenon, showcasing the very best of global cuisines and wines. Among its many draws, the festival is lauded for its vibrant showcase of international foods in Hong Kong, offering an unparalleled gastronomic journey.

Our interest in this event owes to our Italian and Japanese restaurants in Wan Chai, the Lucciola and Zoku.

Featured Cuisines and Wine Selections

The Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival, renowned for its celebration of international cuisines and exquisite wines, presents a perfect opportunity for gourmands to explore a world of flavours. Here are some featured cuisines and wine selections you might find at the festival, highlighting the diversity and culinary expertise defining this anticipated event.

Featured Cuisines

  1. Cantonese Delicacies: Indulge in a sophisticated array of Cantonese dishes, from succulent dim sum to the classic Peking duck, expertly prepared to highlight the subtleties of this rich culinary tradition.
  2. Italian Favorites: Savor the tastes of Italy with a selection of handcrafted pasta dishes, wood-fired pizzas topped with gourmet ingredients, and hearty risottos, each offering a glimpse into Italy’s diverse regional cuisines. Considering our interest in all Italian food in Hong Kong, we are excited to see what’s on offer!
  3. French Gastronomy: Experience the elegance of French cuisine with dishes like coq au vin, bouillabaisse, and foie gras, each paired with perfect wines to enhance the flavours.
  4. Japanese Sushi and Sashimi: Delight in the art of Japanese dining with fresh sushi and sashimi, meticulously prepared and presented, showcasing the finest seafood selections.
  5. Indian Spices: Explore the vibrant flavours of India with an array of curries, tandoori specialities, and biryanis, rich in spices and aromas, providing a culinary journey through India’s diverse regions.

Wine Selections

  1. French Bordeaux and Burgundy: Discover the depth and complexity of France’s most prestigious wine regions with selections of Bordeaux reds and Burgundy whites, perfect for pairing with a variety of cuisines.
  2. Italian Chianti and Prosecco: Enjoy the robust flavours of Chianti or the light, refreshing taste of Prosecco, offering versatility for pairing with Italian dishes and more.
  3. Australian Shiraz and Chardonnay: Taste the bold, flavorful Shiraz or crisp, fruity Chardonnay from Australia’s renowned vineyards, matching well with a wide range of foods.
  4. Spanish Rioja: Experience the richness of Spain with a glass of Rioja, known for its balance of fruit and oak, complementing both meat and vegetarian dishes beautifully.
  5. New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc: Relish the crisp, aromatic profile of Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, an ideal companion to seafood and salads.


These examples of featured cuisines and wine selections at the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival illustrate the event’s commitment to showcasing global culinary excellence and wine mastery, inviting attendees to embark on a gastronomic journey like no other.

Entertainment and Activities Beyond the Plate

Beyond the exquisite dining experiences, the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival is set to dazzle with a variety of entertainment options, elevating the festive atmosphere to new heights.

From soulful live music performances that set the perfect ambience to immersive cultural showcases that delve deep into the rich traditions of wine and dining from around the world, the festival ensures that there’s something for everyone.

Interactive workshops, culinary demonstrations by top chefs, and art installations further enrich the experience, making every moment at the festival an opportunity to celebrate and learn.

Planning Your Visit: Tips and Practical Information

To fully embrace the splendours of the Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival, attendees are encouraged to meticulously plan their visit for an unparalleled experience.

Securing tickets well in advance to avoid last-minute disappointments, researching and booking accommodation options close to the venue for convenience, and carefully curating a list of must-visit booths, are critical steps for a seamless festival experience.

Book direct with The Hari to enjoy complete flexibility for check-in and check-out and your first drink will be on us!

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