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The Terrace Discovering Zoku Tasting Menu

 4-course (Otoshi + Kaishi + Main Course + Desserts) $688

 6-course  (Otashi+Kaishi+Sushi+Otsumami+ Mains+ Desserts) $888


Coffee & Tea Included



Octopus / Causa / Ginger

Wagyu / Crispy Rice / Quail Egg

Sake Kasu / Leek / Fish Broth


KAISHI (Choose One)


Tuna Tartare

Quail egg, yuzu-truffle, sago chips


Wagyu Tataki

A-4 Miyazaki wagyu, sudachi, ponzu


Momotaro Salad (V)

Tomatoes, mozuku, goma dressing


Oyster-Uni (Add $128)

Oyster, sea urchin, ossetra caviar


SUSHI (Choose One)


Shrimp Roll

Avocado, cucumber, chili emulsion


Wagyu Roll

Wagyu, avocado, gindara, anticuchera


 Zoku Roll (V)

Asparagus, cream chesse, avocado


Zoku Nigiris (Add $138)

Salmon, wagyu, tuna & foie gras


OTSUMAMI (Choose One)


Wagyu Gyoza

Foie gras, chili ponzu, scallion



Slow-cooked porkbelly, teriyaki


Wasabi Tofu (V)

Tofu tempura, wasabi emulsion


Wasabi Prawn (Add $108)

Prawn tempura, wasabi emulsion


MAINS (Choose One)


Misozuke Salmon

Honey bean, red cabbage, pickle



Beef Brisket, wasabi potato foam


Himematsutake (V)

Udon, mushroom, dashi, pak choi


A4 Wagyu Steak (Add $168)

Foie gras, ponzu, spicy miso


DESSERTS (Choose One)


Mochi Cake

Miso caramel, coconut tuille


Green Tea Cake

Molten cake, chocolate ice cream


Caramel Sando

Chocolate Cookies, Coffee


From Our Wine Cellar

Sake by glass / Sake Flight   $78 / $208

Wines by Glass / Carafe / Bottle   $88 / $198 / $388


※ Vegetarian (V)

※ Non Dairy (ND)

※ Subject To a 10% Service Charge

※All fish & seafood on the menu are sourced and carefully selected from different prefectures and countries not subjected to any restriction

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