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Chic, charming and effortlessly convivial, Lucciola Restaurant & Bar is thrilled to announce the launch of its new seasonal menus featuring white asparagus from Bassano and pistachio from Bronte. Available for a limited period only, the white asparagus specialties will be available from now till the end of May, while the pistachio dishes will be available from 3 June till 2 August. These menus offer a unique opportunity to indulge the unparalleled flavours of one of Italy’s most esteemed culinary treasures.

Renowned for its tenderness and bittersweet flavour, Bassano white asparagus add an elevating touch to any plate. Harvested in Vicenza, one of the best-known regions in Italy for its white asparagus, this spring vegetable must be 18-22 cm long with a minimum central diameter of 11mm. Bronte pistachio is one of the most precious ingredients of the Sicilian cuisine, thanks to its bright green colour, sweet flavour, and distinct aroma. It symbolizes a harvest that withstands the volcano’s impact and takes advantage of its fertility. Guests at Lucciola can now delight in a gastronomic journey that pays tribute to Italy’s rich culinary traditions.

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Experience the White Asparagus Specials until the end of May

Lucciola is delighted to offer a selection of white asparagus delicacies that will elevate your dining experience. Begin your adventure with the Lukewarm White Asparagus with Organic Marinated Egg Yolk, Lardo Ham and Grana Padano in our 3-course Set Lunch Menu starting from HK$368 per person. For an unforgeable combination of flavours, savour the Cavatelli Pasta with White Asparagus Sauce, Pecorino Cheese and Persinette Cress; 7 Years Aged Carnaroli Risotto with White Asparagus, Black Truffle and Egg Yolk Confit, and Roast Lamb T-Bone with Herbs Butter Glaze, White Asparagus and Potato Crescent from our Set Dinner Menu starting from HK$568 per person.


The white asparagus dishes are available from now until the end of May. Prices are subject to 10 percent service charge.

White Asparagus Set Lunch Menu White Asparagus Set Dinner Menu

Explore Lucciola Seasonal Pistachio Dishes available until early August

Embark on an exquisite culinary journey with Lucciola’s pistachio dishes. Our offerings include Oak Leaf Salad with Capriccio Cheese, Raspberry and Bronte Pistachio, and Linguine Pasta with Bronte Pistachio Pesto, Lemon and Grana Padano Cheese. These dishes are available for both our Set Lunch Menu and Set Dinner Menu. For the ultimate indulgence, guests can choose the Wild Rocket Pesto with Apulian Burrata Cheese, Roast Pistachio and Amalfi Lemon, or Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek with Madagascar Green Pepper, Pistachio Butter Crust, Mashed Potato and Baby Carrot, which are all available exclusively as part of our Set Dinner Menu.


The pistachio dishes will be available from 3 June until 2 August. The 3-course Set Lunch Menu starts from HK$368 per person, while the Set Dinner Menu starts from HK$568 per person. Prices are subject to 10 percent service charge.


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